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Milwaukee Bonsai Society newsletter is a great way to learn about all of the great workshops, demonstrations, shows, picnics, and parties that the Milwaukee Bonsai Society offers to it's members each year. The newsletters are available to current members in Adobe Acrobat format.

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2015 Newsletters

MBS Newsletter's Alternative View can be used if you find the newsletter takes too much time to load. Once on the page just click on the newsletter for viewing.

November President's message - Happy Fall, Bonsai from your backyard - Burning Bush, Notes and Pictures from the October meeting
Special features:
Aesthetics Pruning Tips, by Pam W

October President's message - Whoa another fantastic month, Annual Exhibit Results, Notes and Pictures from the September meeting
Special features:
Suggested Winter Care, by Joe N
Maintenance Pruning Tips, by Pam W

September President's message - Whew!, Celebrate your bonsai year by registering and exhibiting a tree at this years’ Annual Exhibit, State Fair Results, Pictures from the August meeting, Surface treatment (fines) for your trees
Special feature:
General Tips for Better Pruning, by Pam W

August President's message - August and that means State Fair, Celebrating 45 years of exhibiting bonsai trees, State Fair 2015, Pictures from the July meeting

July President's message - July is tropical trees month, State Fair 2015,
Special feature:
Bonsai Conventions by Pam W

June President's message - June should be a good month for our bonsai, Artist Demonstration Sponsored by EIB Breaks MBS Attendance Records, Teen workshops, Kusamono at Lynden Sculpture Garden, State Fair 2015, Bonsai from your Backyard - Honeysuckle - Lonicera reprint from May 2012
Special feature:
Monitoring Device for Bonsai by Pam W

May President's message - MAY is going to be an exciting month for MBS, Bonsai Swap Meet, Passing of Leonard founder of the Rock Valley Bonsai, Soap Solution for Pest Control,
Special Announcement:
First Newsletter for new Editor Melissa J

April President's message - Greetings everyone. Arbor Arts Collective Offer of Assistance, Mauro Stemberger workshop registration
Special features:
Plant Strengtheners by Pam W.
Bonsai Dispplay Stands by Walter Pall

March President's message - Greetings everyone. Silhouette Exhibit recap, Registration for Andy Smith workshop, Mauro Stemberger flyer and registration

February President's message - MBS keeps getting better. Registration for Andy Smith workshop, Mauro Stemberger Workshops, More discussion of the student proposals for bonsai garden
Special feature:
Newcomers to MBS by John M.

January President's message - We are always looking for help, Registration for Andy Smith workshop, Plan to attend Guest Artist Demonstrations early next year
Special feature:
MBS, MBF, and UWM at LSG by Michelle Z.

2014 Newsletters

December President's message - Thank You, Excellence in Bonsai Program Update, Milwauke Bonsai Foundation - Update, A Day at the Fair - Folk Fair, That Is

November President's message - Get Involved, Excellence in Bonsai Program
Special features:
Tips From Andy Smith by Andy Smith
Bamboo by Leo Schordje

October President's message - Wow, what a weekend, Congratulations to Kris Z and Ron F 2014 recipients of the June Kelly Award, 44th Annual Exhibit Thank You and Results

September President's message - Whew, 44th Annual Exhibit Schedule and Call for Exhibit Trees, State Fair Results
Special feature:
An Evening with Charlotte Fung Miller by Jean S.

August President's message - It's August, State Fair, 44th Annual Exhibit

July President's message - Here it is July already, State Fair, Summer Snippits, Something New in Bonsai Bucks, Soap Solution for Pest Control,
Special feature:
A New Look for My Bonsai Benches by Kris Z.

June President's message - Is it spring yet?, State Fair, Arthur Joura
Special feature:
First MBS Spring Show at LSG by Michelle Z.

May President's message - Don't miss this months meeting, Peter Tea Program, Open Workshop - Repotting
Special features:
A Collection's Story, A look at the GSBF Collection at the Huntngton Library and Gardens by Pam W.
Four Tips for Better Wiring by Pam W.

April President's message - Hurray spring is here, Intermediate Class, Auction, Open Workshop - Repotting, AABonsai is on the WEB
Special features:
Silhouette Exhibit at Lynden Sculpture Garden by Michelle Z.
Plant Activators by Pam W.

March President's message - Greetings, Intermediate Class, Novice Class, Parafilm Will, Bonsai Bucks, MBS Sponsors Mahone Middle School Bonsai Club
Special feature:
A Collection's Story, A look at the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt by Pam W.

February President's message - Happy New Year, Getting Ready for Peter Tea
Special feature:
A Collection's Story, A look at Brooklyn Botanic Garden by Pam W.

2013 Newsletters

December President's message, Challenge Grant Update, Holiday Party Changes for Donation to Collection Funds, Membership Renewal Changes
Special features:
A Collection's Story, A look at North Carolina Arboretum Collection by Pam W.
Problem's for Trees by Pam W.

November President's message, 43rd Annual Exhibit Wrap-up, Membership Renewal Changes, Bonsai Bucks, Holiday Party and Folk Fair
Special feature:
A Milwaukee Public Bonsai Collection by Jack D.

October President's message, 43rd Annual Exhibit Results, Getting Ready for Peter Tea, Challenge Grant and Contribution Information Sheet, Folk Fair

September President's message, 43rd Annual Exhibit, State Fair Results, FALL DEALS !!??
Special feature:
Our Guest Artist - Kathy Shaner by Jack D.
Kathy Shaner - an up-close and personal experience By Michelle Zimmer

August President's message, 43rd Annual Exhibit, Book Review - Bonsai Tree Care Bailout

July President's message - Hi All, MBS Cookout, Bonsai Bucks, WI State Fair, 43rd Annual Exhibit, Master's Class with Peter Tea, July Bonsai Care Tips, Soap Solution for Pest Control Book Review - Bonsai Techniques 1
Special feature:
Bonsai are Still Trees to Others by Ron F.

June President's message - Greetings, Bonsai Bucks, Forest Workshop, Expectations-Workshops/Classes Book Review - Bonsai - The Art of Living Sculture
Special features:
Automated Watering System by Jorge R.
What does water do for our trees other than providing moisture? by Anon.

May President's message - Greetings, Book Review - Art of Bonsai
Special feature:
Getting the Most from a Bonsai Workshop by Michelle Z.

April President's message - Happy Spring??, Ted Matson Coming in April, Blended Tree in May, Forest Workshop in May, Spotlight on MBS Members - Interview with Pat B.
Special feature:
Repotting Additives by Pam W.

March President's message - Greetings to all bonsai enthusiasts, Colin Lewis Resume, Ted Matson Coming in April, Peter Tea teaching a study group in Milwaukee, 2013 Novice Classes, Spotlight on MBS Members - Interview with Kris Z.

February President's message - Happy New Year, Focus on Skills 2013 - the year of wiring, Advanced/Master's Class, Ted Matson Workshop, Silhouette exhibit at the Mitchell Park Domes
Special features:
Why can't I grow moss? By Dave Bogan
Winter Wiring by Dave Bogan

2012 Newsletters

December President's message, Award Banquet, Intensive Weekend Courses with Colin Lewis,
Special features:
Overwintering 101 by Pauline Muth
Overwintering 103 by Kris Z.

November President's message, Holiday Folk Fair, Annual Exhibit Results, Bonsai Bucks, Holiday Party 2012,
Special features:
Callus Formation Part 3 (Large Wounds on Conifers) by Steve Co.
Pine Needle removal by Dave Bogan

October President's message, MBS42AE Postscript,
Special feature:
Bits and Bobs from Peter Tea - Calluses Part 1 by Kris Z.

September President's message, State Fair Results, Annual exhibit, Rooted in Wisconsin Taxus (Yew)
Special features:
You be the Bonsai Judge by Pam W.

August President's message, State Fair, Annual exhibit, Rooted in Wisconsin Tamarack (Larch)

July President's message, Picnic
Special features: The Care and Raising of Bonsai by Pam W.

June President's message, Intermediate Class, Secret Gardens of Wauwatosa Tour, Bonsai from your Backyard - Virginia Creeper - Parthenocissush

May President's message - Greetings bonsai addicts, Bonsai Dig, Bonsai from your Backyard - Honeysuckle - Lonicera
Special features:
Essential to Controversial - Needle Cast by Pam W.
Mahone Bonsai Day - March 12, 2012 by Steve Co.

April President's message - Greetings, 2012 Novice Classes,

March President's message - Greetings to all MBS members, Looking for Few Helpers MBS Sensei Honored, Matson Becomes Curator, 2012 Novice Classes, A Year in the Life, 42ae

February President's message - Happy New Year to all of you, Ted Matson Workshop, Silhouette Show at the Mitchell Park Domes, Call for Raffle Items, Become a Friends of Boerner Botanical Garden, A Year in the Life of a Bonsai, Spring Dig
Special features:
The Chopstick as a Bonsai Tool By Ken Schultz

2011 Newsletters

December President's message - "Momentum", Award Dinner 2011
Special features:
Essential to Controversial - Cut Paste by Pam W.

November President's message - "Get Involved", Photographic Competition, Dead Tree Contest, Folk Fair Exhibit Annual Exhibit People's Choice,Bonsai Bucks 2011, Award Dinner 2011

October President's message - "Gratitude", Annual Exhibit Results, Photographic Competition, Bonsai Forever Stamps, Proposed By-Laws
Special features:
Wiring of a Bonsai by Dave Bogan

September President's message - "Like Family", 41st Annual Exhibit Reminder, State Fair 2011 Results, By-Laws Proposed Changes
Special features:
Photographing Your Trees part 2 by Pam W.

August President's message - "Celebrate Success", State Fair 2011, Caravan to Chicago Show, 41st Annual Club Exhibit Wauwatosa Garden Tour 2011
Special features: SideShow Bonsai By Tom A.

Photographing Your Trees part 1 by Pam W.

July President's message - "Hope as Described by Richard Risch", Boerner Botanical Gardens Membership Drive, MBS Salutes Previous Photographic Comepetition Winner Suthin Workshop, MBS Cookout, Tropical Repotting Worshop, State Fair 2011

June President's message - "Whole Lot a Fun", Awards Banquet Dec 2011, MBS Cook Out, What are Bonsai Bucks, Suthin Workshop, State Fair is Coming Soon
Special features:
The Bonsaidiot's Guide to Hor-culture By Houston S.

May President's message - "Core Focus", Warren Hill, Suthin Sukosolvisit, Intermediate Class, Study Group
Special features:
Bonsai Development Using Colanders By Houston S.
Hope for Japan by Jorge R.

April President's message - "Deliberate Practice", Intermediate Class Forming
Special features: Ginkgo Maidenhair tree By Kris Z.
Rock collecting on the Eel River by Steve Ca.

March President's message - Challenge Yourself, Tom Longfellow, What are Bonsai Bucks? Novice Class, Root Over Rock Workshop, New Location
Special features:
Display Benches 101 By Joe H.

February President's message - Our Vision Our Plan, Novice Class, Folk Fair 2010, Wiring Workshop, Parafilm, New Location
Special features: Pencil Pines: Some Bonsai Inspiration from Tasmania By Houston S.

2010 Newsletters

December MBS Heroes interview with Pam, Results of Dead Tree Contest, Pictures from Folk Fair, Information on the Holiday Party

November Information for Folk Fair and Holiday Party
Special features:
Problems for Trees - By Pam W

October MBS Heroes interview with Steve, Guest Artist Jack Douthitt
Special features:
Essential Bonsai - Buds - By Pam W

September State Fair Results 2010, MBS Heroes interview with Scott, Suthin Fall Workshop, Pick your best tree to include in the September Show, Photographic Competition, Silent Auction

August State Fair 2010, MBS Heroes interview with Ron, Suthin Workshop, September Show, Photographic Competition

July Getting bonsai ready for show, MBS Heroes interview with Houston, Suthin Workshop, Grafting Workshop
Special feature: Wisconsin Board Enthusiast Daytrips at the Bonsai Garden at Late Merritt Oakland CA by Steve Ca.

June Hemlocks, Grafting Workshop, Suthin Workshop, MABA Convention, Watering

May MABA Information Bulletin, What are Bonsia Bucks, Suthin Workshop, MABA Convention and Badger Bonsai Show
Special feature: First ever Ginko Dig, the report by Steve Ca.

April Transplanting Workshop, Information Suthin Workshop and MABA Convention
Special feature: A Rainforest in My Basement by Tom A.
Ginkgo biloba MAIDENHAIR TREE by Steve Ca.
POTS, POTS, POTS by Harry Harrington and Vic Harris

March Information on 2010 Classes and Suthin Workshop, MABA Convention,Handmade Cutpaste
Special feature: March Bonsai Tip by Doug Hawley

February New president's message, Information on 2010 Classes
Special features: Remember Your Tropicals Now! by Dave Bogan
Thoughts and Ideas for Spring by Dave Bogan
Golden State Bonsai Federation 2009 Convention By Jeff M.

2009 Newsletters

December Holiday party and 40th anniversary celebration, People’s Choice Award at the Folk Fair, December Bonsai Tips

November Why would you want to graft?
Special features: All Indoor Bonsai are NOT Tropicals - By Houston S
2009 Accomplishments - By Pam W

October MBS Club Show Results, Information on workshops/study groups for 2010
Special features: October Bonsai Tips - By Houston S
A Highlight from the 2009 Mid-America Bonsai Exhibit - By Devon C

September MBS Club Show, State Fair 2009 Results, Information on workshops/study groups for 2010,
Special features: Needle Cast in Ponderosa Pines - By Houston S
Care of Shimpaku according to Suthin Sukosollvisit - By Michelle Z

August Visiting artist Suthin Sukosolvisit, State Fair 2009, Call for trees and volunteers, Tips for getting your bonsai ready for State Fair 2009
Special features: Letter from Ted Matson for Golden State Bonsai Federation, Shohin is an Art in Itself - By Pam W

July Kusamono participation demonstration, State Fair 2009, Rules governing the show, Tips for getting your bonsai ready for State Fair 2009, Insect Trivia
Special features: Shohin Classification - By Pam W

June Upcoming events, Shohin master visit, Kusamono participation demonstration, PAB fund approved expenditures

May Thank you to our 2008 outgoing board members!
Special features: A Handy Dandy Guide to Shopping in a Garden Center - 2009 By Zack Clayton

April New president's message, Transplanting Workshop

March Training and Novice class opportunities, Winter Silhouette Show, Program Advisory Board,
Special features: A Bonsai Close Up on Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) By Pauline Muth

February New president's message, Winter Silhouette
Special features: A Bonsai Close Up on Pinus mugo var. pumilio Swiss Mountain Pine By Pauline Muth

2008 Newsletters

December After the Holidays Holiday Party Friday Jan 9 at Meyer's Restaurant

November The Acadama challenge revisited

October Fall Deals, Special feature: Preparing for Fall Reprinted with permission from Dave Bogan, Indianatails

September State Fair Results, Fall Deals, Memotial Tree Workshop, Bonsai from your backyard - Star Magnolia - Magnolia stellata

August Second Annual MBS Picnic, Bonsai from your backyard - Virginia Creeper - Parathenocissus
Special features: Cake Fertilizer by Houston S.

July Second Annual MBS Picnic, Bonsai from your backyard - Grape - Tamarix
Special features: Cake Fertilizer by Houston S.

June Bonsai from your backyard - Grape - Vitis species, The Acadama Challenge, Photos from the Colin Lewis Intensive Weekend, Mugho Pine Workshop and Mahone Middle School

May Bonsai from your backyard - Honeysuckle - Lonicera species
Classes and workshops: Novice Classes, Mugho Pine Workshop with Colin Lewis, and Intensive Weekend Workshop with Colin Lewis

April Bonsai from your backyard - Yew - Taxus, Classes and workshops

March 2008 Class schedules,
Special features: ODDS AND ENDS by Dave Bogan Lake Charles Bonsai Society

February 2008 Class schedules, Bonsai from your backyard - Amur Maple

2007 Newsletters

December Bonsai from your backyard - Holly - Ilex sp.,

November Bonsai from your backyard - Burning Bush - Euonymus, Holiday Party Form
Special features: OVERWINTERING 101- by Pauline Muth
OVERWINTERING 103 What do you do with your tropicals?- Kris Z

October A Look at the last public workshop, Bonsai from your backyard - Privet, Holiday Party Form
Special features: Quick Snips by David DeGroot

September State Fair Winners, Bonsai from your backyard - Spiraea is a genus of around 80 species, Getting the most out of your MBS membership by Jack
Special features: Bonsai and Lime Sulphur Critique - Part 3 Critique as Process final installment by Pam

August State Fair Schedule, Bonsai from your backyard - Cotoneaster, TreeStump's Bonsai Advice
Special feature: Critique - Part 2 Language of Critique by Pam

July State Fair Schedule
Special feature: Critiques at the most basic level by Pam

June TreeStump's Bonsai Advice
Special feature: Fertilization for Bonsai by Houston

May TreeStump's Bonsai Advice, Bonsai Video Site
Special feature: Homemade Bug Spray

April TreeStump's Bonsai Advice, Guest Artist Series… Jim Doyle
Special features: Root Trimming for Field-Grown Trees by Houston and Literati Bonsai by Jack

March TreeStump's Bonsai Advice
Special feeatures: Late Winter Pruning by Houston and Getting Started on a New Season by Kris

February 2007 Schedule, Ginko Exhibition, Feb. Bonsai Calendar, Renewal Form and
Special feeature: How old are Tropical Trees by Houston

2006 Newsletters

December Current events and Wiring vs. Pruning

November Current events and Companion plants

October Current events, October Care Tips and an article on mistakes

September Current events and State Fair Judging results

July Current events and MABA 2006 Milwaukee Convention pictures

June Current events and Mahone CLub Show

May Current events and Development of Bonsai

April Current events and Spring Care Tips


Consider joining your best choice for bonsai fun, education, and community service, Join MBS, and let the fun begin.