MBS Bonsai Workshops

Our opportunity to participate, learn and refine our bonsai skills.

Workshops give bonsai enthusiast the opportunity to participate, learn and refine their bonsai skills by offering high-quality bonsai training in an encouraging and professional atmosphere with world-class artist. The educational workshops and demonstrations at MBS are substantive and interesting.
The training workshops and programs are varied in location, content and skill level. You can participate in one or more workshops geared for beginner, intermediate, or advanced ability. Some workshops include bonsai material so you can grow your collection. Workshop participants are a group of people who have a passion for bonsai, learning and a sense of adventure.  Programs and participants promote a friendly and social atmosphere, you'll be surprised how quickly you make new friends.

Artist Workshops

Outdoor Workshop with Suthin

Artist workshops are usually held on weekends and consist of small groups, usually around 6 to 8 members, plus the instructor. The workshop fee is determined by the cost of the room, material, if provided, and the visiting artist. Workshop enrollment is limited and is filled on a first come first served basis. Each student provides his/her own tools, wire, and trees unless it is a material-provided workshop, which may include a plant or tree to work on. MBS typically holds several artist workshops every year.

Beginner Workshops

Beginner Class

Our Beginner Workshops are designed primarily for adults seeking to learn how to create and maintain their very first bonsai. The goal of this workshop is to give you everything you need to get started on your journey. Members of the Milwaukee Bonsai Society are on hand to help with the creation of your first Bonsai ‘masterpiece’! The fee for this workshop includes your first tree and a one year membership to our Society. Beginner workshops are usually held in Fall or sometimes in early Spring.

Open Workshops

hands on workshops

MBS also hosts several open workshops every year. They are usually held on weekends scattered throughout the year. Open workshops are free for all MBS members and usually have a theme, such as, repotting or getting your tree ready to show. MBS brings together experienced members to assist new members in their efforts to repot and work on their trees. To participate you should plan on bringing your tree, a pot, soil, wire if needed, bonsai tools and a container to work in to help keep the area clean. You will also need a pail to take your old soil with you and towels for clean-up.

Special Interest Workshops

Diaza critics

MBS also hosts special interest workshops. In the past, members have traveled to the Upper Penisula of Michigan to collect larches, to Bay View to collect ginkos, and to Sara Rayner's potting studio in Red Wing, MN. MBS has held several Kusamono workshops where members create exquisite companion plantings. MBS has also held workshops for making table size turntables, cleaning pots, sharpening tools and as pictured above, making viewing diaza. Watch the schedule and website for special interest workshops focusing on wiring, grafting or even collecting.

Workshop Sign-ups