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Meetings and Demonstrations

In order to expose members to a variety of styling approaches and perspectives, MBS strives to bring in major bonsai talent for demonstrations and panel discussions. We enjoy world class artists demonstrating the latest trends in Bonsai. Monthly meetings also brings us together to enjoy the company of fellow enthusiests.

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Exhibits and Shows

MBS sponsors two major shows each year along with several smaller shows. During the Wisconsin State Fair in August, the Horticulture Building is home to our largest judged show, and our Annual Exhibit is a three day affair showcasing our member's best trees. MBS also sponsors booths at garden shows, the Folk Fair and a Silhouette show. Ribbons and plaques aside, one of the greatest rewards of the shows is the public response.

Intermediate Class

Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops at all levels are available for MBS members. Novice classes and beginner workshops are tailored to the new bonsai enthusiast and general public. Intermediate classes and workshops are designed to share skills and knowledge of our own MBS members. Advanced classes and workshops are the highlight of our instructional program. These artists, who have national and international reputations for excellence, teach their own creative styling and horticultural techniques.

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What's New

Milwaukee Bonsai Society sponsors a number of services for its members. Check us out!

Who We Are

Dedicated volunteers

MBS is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals in their efforts to increase their knowledge and skills in the art of bonsai. MBS also seeks to foster an increased awareness of the art of bonsai and of the Society's activities among the general public of Southeastern Wisconsin.

MBS meets the first Tuesday of the month from February through November. Meetings are fun, informative, and a great way to learn more about this fascinating art.

What Our Leaders Are Saying

Catch the wave of enthusiasm

  • " Bonsai is an art with an ever changing canvas since our trees are constantly growing."

    Melissa J., President MBS
  • "We have many guest artists and members that will teach you all they know about bonsai. "

    Brian L. First Vice-President MBS
  • "I understand what a great educational opportunity the club provides."

    Pam W., Webmaster MBS
  • "I want to look at it (my tree) and really feel the WOW!"

    Steve C., Instructor Intermediate Class
  • "the value of bonsai comes with your connection to that tree. You can purchase a “bonsai” but not the experience of bonsai"

    Houston S., Advanced student MBS