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Milwaukee Bonsai is supported by volunteers who donate their time to advance our art form. If you are eager to share your time and talent with us, please let us know. For MBS volunteer opportunities contact Judy S

Organizing a Show

Great exhibits are much more than decoration, they tell a tree's story and build relationships with the community. Our plan is to continue a tradition of fine bonsai exhibits. Learn more about shows and join a team that leads the design and set-up of a classy bonsai exhibit.

Showing Trees

We have several shows throughout the year, all members are encouraged to participate at their level. You may just win a best of show or People's Choice. The real thrill is seeing how your work exhibits and shows to viewers, will they see something in it you have not yet seen.

Greeting the public

Opportunities to really view and learn about trees includes spending time behind the lines greeting the public and answering questions about bonsai and specific trees. Enjoy the company of fellow greeters and accolades from the viewers. Volunteer to tree sit!

Set up Tear down

Making quick work of getting things up and tearing down requires a lot of help. Grab your friends, make new friends set-up or tear-down of an exhibit, demonstration, workshop or meeting.

Bonsai Host/Docent

Serve as a Bonsai Host/Docent at the Bonsai collection by greeting and informing visitors on weekends and Wednesdays. Secure the safety of the trees and work with the collection curator by doing some hands-on work maintaining the bonsai garden and landscaping as well as participating in basic bonsai maintenance.


Volunteer Schedule

Support MBS

Your gift brings world-class artist to Milwaukee and helps us create new activities among the general public of Southeastern Wisconsin. Your support empowers us to reach more people each year through our many Community Engagement Exhibits. We rely on the help of our bonsai friends to help support our efforts. Please consider giving a gift to the MBS.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Join forces with Milwaukee Bonsai Society. Together we will enrich the cultural life of our community. Discover how we can work together!