Artistric Instructor

Pam W.

In 2016 Pam had the honor of having one of her personal trees selected and displayed at the 5th National Bonsai Exhibit. This accomplishment comes as a high honor for Pam as a bonsai artist in training for close to thirty years. She has had the opportunity to work on the Bonsai Collection North under the direction and instruction of Kathy Shaner. She has attended countless workshops all over the country learning hands on with many notables such as Roy Nagatoshi, Colin Lewis, Mas Isumi, John Naka, Ernie Kuo, Ted Matson and recently Peter Tea. With over 60 potted trees in her collection in varying stages of development, she strives to make each tree a little better. She takes this same approach with our club, making each event, each exhibit, each workshop or class participant’s experience and each other a little better.

Pam has have served as president of Milwaukee Bonsai Society twice. Also served as a director, Secretary and webmaster for the American Bonsai Society. Pam was instrumental in putting Milwaukee in the heart of the bonsai world as she proposed and chaired the first convention held in Milwaukee and MABA's first successful in 1995 before email and internet. She has co-chaired the second (ABS 2002), and was registrar of the third convention (MABA 2006) in Milwaukee. Pam has been an instructor for our intermediate class in the past, written several articles for the newsletter and is the current webmaster.