Artistric Instructor

Steve C.

Steve is an energetic, ambitious, and committed man, father of three, grandpa of three and lives in Milwaukee, with partner Lori. He moves through life looking for the beauty all around, while deaming of a better way to do just about everything... He flower gardens, watches independent films, reads good fiction, bicycle rides, drinks good coffee and red wine, and of course, do bonsai. He wishes he could be the first bonsai artist on the Federation Starship Enterprise.

Bonsai is a visual, living art... art that changes with the years. It is dynamic, like nature. The more that one recognizes this fact, the easier time one will have with their trees. He has always been attracted to trees. He had a brother-in-law, Bob Skiera, who was the past City Forester for Milwaukee. When he would tell Steve things about trees, Steve would remember every last detail. Bonsai is a way for him to be around trees, interact with them, nurture them, design with them. and love them. With bonsai, what Steve feels is most important is... that he likes his tree. Rules are great guidelines, visiting artists lend input and training for my eye, books and magazines are great teaching tools, but it is his tree and in the end, it will reside on his bench and it will be him that looks at it every day. And as he says "I want to look at it and really feel the WOW!"

Steve teaches the Intermediate Class using the seasons to guide the lessons.